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June 3, 2021: In March this year, NVJS 11 author Atsushi Yamagata of the University of Wollongong published a paper in the Taylor & Francis journal Japanese Studies. Titled “Newspaper Discourses on the Acceptance of Refugees in Japan from the 1970s to the 1980s”, the paper draws on media analysis to highlight historical social responses to the arrival of refugees in Japan.

This paper complements his NVJS 11 article, “Perceptions of Islam and Muslims in Contemporary Japan”, which uses a similar methodology to examine attitudes toward Muslim tourists and migrants in Japan. Atsushi’s NVJS 11 article also includes a fascinating history of Muslim presence in Japan, addressing a scarcity of such information in English-language scholarship.

You can hear Atsushi speaking about his work in this media interview, recorded shortly after publication of his NVJS article in 2019.

With increasing global interest in the internationalisation of Japan, scholarship of this nature is becoming more and more valuable, and the current status of Atsushi’s NVJS 11 article as the most popular across the NVJS site right now (see left) is testament to this.

NVJS congratulates Atsushi on bolstering his publication record in this area, and we look forward to celebrating more achievements like this from him in future.


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