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The future of research on Japan.
New Voices in Japanese Studies (formerly New Voices) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by The Japan Foundation, Sydney. All contributors are emerging scholars, ranging from Honours graduates to PhD level. All have a research interest in Japan, and connections to The Japan Foundation, Sydney’s local region of Australia and New Zealand.

Publish early, publish often
Publishing is important for scholars. It stimulates feedback from peers and helps with benchmarking and sharing ideas. Importantly, it also creates a visible professional record which is invaluable for building both networks and careers.

Emerging researchers are increasingly conscious of the benefits of publishing early. At the same time, limited experience as well as competition within the publishing landscape means that emerging researchers can have difficulty find a platform for their work. This is why New Voices in Japanese Studies was created.

Emerging researchers, emerging fields
As far as we are aware, New Voices in Japanese Studies is the only journal dedicated to publishing academic research by outstanding graduate-level scholars with a specific focus on Japan.

In filling this niche, this journal:

  • visibly profiles up-and-coming scholars in the region
  • showcases fresh perspectives and emerging fields of interest among new scholars
  • maps the shifting interests of emerging scholars over time
  • assists graduate researchers in benchmarking their work against that of their peers
  • welcomes Japan-focused contributions from a broad spectrum of core disciplines

Changes are happening
This journal has been undergoing changes  to make articles easier to find, easier to read and easier to remember. Over the volumes to come, New Voices in Japanese Studies will keep evolving to become more user-friendly for contributors and readers alike.

Read, cite and share
New Voices in Japanese Studies is open access. We hope that you will continue to support the journal and its contributors by reading and sharing widely.

Thank you.

Editorial team
New Voices in Japanese Studies
The Japan Foundation, Sydney

About The Japan Foundation, Sydney

The Japan Foundation, Sydney is the Australian arm of The Japan Foundation, which was established by the Japanese government to promote cultural and intellectual exchange between Japan and other nations. It runs a diverse range of programs and events, including exhibitions, talk events, grant programs and Japanese language courses.

The Japan Foundation, Sydney supports Japanese Studies at a tertiary level through grants, fellowships, newsletters, public speaking opportunities for researchers, and publishing New Voices in Japanese Studies.

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