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NVJS 13 Special Issue

Volume 13 of New Voices in Japanese Studies (NVJS) will be published as a special issue related to an upcoming online symposium, titled “Beyond Japanese Studies: Challenges, Opportunities and COVID-19”. Papers for NVJS 13 will be invited from symposium presenters.

The symposium will be held online over February 18-19, 2021 and is organised by The University of New England and The Japan Foundation, Sydney. The Call for Abstracts is open until January 18, 2021.

For background to the NVJS 13 Special Issue, please see this news post.

Call for Abstracts: Beyond Japanese Studies Symposium

The Beyond Japanese Studies Symposium (#BeyondJapan21) is designed to respond to challenges, opportunities and needs in the academic landscape which have resulted from, or been intensified by, the effects of COVID-19. It aims to encourage early career scholars of Japan to think collectively about strategies they can use to thrive.

Eligibility Criteria

The symposium is calling for abstracts from early career scholars who are:

  • postgraduates or recent PhD graduates (up to 7 years post-PhD; non-tenured)
  • in or from Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia-Pacific (including US)

The eligibility criteria for the NVJS 13 special issue, including the Reviews section, are the same as the eligibility criteria for the symposium. (To submit a review, please check the Review Guidelines and submit a Review Proposal form.)

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract submission deadline: January 18, 2021.

Eligible early career scholars are invited to submit an abstract for a 20-minute presentation from their own research, touching upon the theme of the symposium, Beyond Japanese Studies, and considering one or more of the following questions:

  • How does my research intersect with/contribute beyond Japanese Studies to other disciplines, regions, cultural traditions or philosophies?
  • How will or has my research develop(ed)/broaden(ed)/change(d) due to the multiple impacts of COVID-19 and/or other future challenges such as Climate Change/the Anthropocene?
  • How does my research assist in considering the future after 2020?
  • How does my research broaden our understanding of Japanese Studies?
  • How do/can I advocate for/articulate the value of my research to society beyond the Japanese Studies academy?
  • What are some broad or specific applications/implications of my research for society in Australia, New Zealand, and the wider Asia-Pacific?

Presenters will be notified of selection on January 22, 2021.

Special Issue Timeline

Presenters will be asked to submit a 1,500-word summary of their presentation on the day of the symposium for consideration for the NVJS 13 special issue. If selected, authors will be asked to submit a 4,000/5,000-word article to NVJS by April 28, 2021. All papers for the special issue will be required to pass a double-blind peer-review process prior to publication. NVJS 13 is scheduled for publication in late September 2021.

A more detailed timeline for NVJS 13 (papers) is available on the BeyondJapan21 Symposium webpage.

Find Out More & Submit an Abstract

For further information about the symposium and how to submit, see the BeyondJapan21 symposium webpage

NVJS 13 Call for Reviews

As with our most recent volumes, NVJS 13 will include a Reviews section. The call for reviews for NVJS 13 is now open. To review for NVJS, please consult the Review Guidelines. For ideas on texts to review, see our 2020 NVJS Japan Book List.

The #BeyondJapan21 symposium is organised by the University of New England and The Japan Foundation, Sydney.
The related special issue will be published in New Voices in Japanese Studies.  


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