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Review For NVJS! 2020 Japan Book List

Review for NVJS! 2020 Japan Book List

January 13, 2021: Trying to decide what to read next be like... Never fear, the NVJS annual book list is here! Every year we keep an eye on Japan-related new…

Academic Appointments For NVJS Alumni

Academic Appointments for NVJS Alumni

Aug 4, 2020: Over recent months we've had some more great news: a number of NVJS alumni have been newly appointed to academic positions. These are exciting achievements, and we…

More NVJS Alumni Publications

More NVJS Alumni publications

Aug 3, 2020: It's always a delight to share new publications by NVJS alumni. As we put the finishing touches to NVJS 12, we'd like to take a moment to…

Wetland Restoration in Japan: What’s Law Got to Do with It?

Evan Hamman Queensland University of Technology Published July, 2019 Pages 47—73 © The Japan Foundation, Sydney and Evan Hamman, 2019 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons…

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