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August 20, 2019: We’ve just released the Call for Papers for Volume 12 of New Voices in Japanese Studies, scheduled for publication in mid-2020. As with last year, we’re accepting both papers and reviews!

♦ Eligibility
In general, we publish work by Honours graduates, Masters (Research) graduates and PhD candidates or recent graduates of the same. Our remit is to support emerging researchers in Australia and New Zealand, so if you’re either in or from Australia or New Zealand then you’re probably eligible. We do also publish work by scholars who have presented at major area studies conferences in Australia or New Zealand, regardless of where they are based.

For further details, take a look at our Eligibility Criteria or get in touch via the email address in the footer below.

♦ Submitting Papers

Papers must be original, sole-authored work on subject matter that relates to Japan. New Voices in Japanese Studies is interdisciplinary, and primarily publishes work from the humanities, social sciences and related fields. For more information on submitting papers, see our Submission Guidelines.

♦ Submitting Reviews

In the coming months, we’ll put out a list of recent publications to inspire would-be reviewers. For now, if you have a title that you’d love to review, check out the Review Guidelines and get in touch. You can submit a Review Proposal via our online form or register on our Reviewer Database to be notified of possible review publications that may be relevant to you.


October 15, 2018 (Masters/PhD)
November 5, 2018 (Honours)

Thinking of submitting?
Check out our Call for Papers page for details.

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