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Volume 3 Introduction

It was during the seasonal change from summer to autumn that I first landed in Tokyo as a naïve 21 year old, ready to embark on a working holiday adventure.…

Volume 2 Introduction

This issue of New Voices is a monument to the strength, diversity, and maturity of undergraduate Japanese Studies in Australia. The complexity and profundity of the topics tackled by the…

Volume 2 Foreword

This is the second issue of New Voices, showcasing the work of recent honours graduates who completed their research at Australian Universities from 2005 –2007. New Voices was launched in…

Volume 1 Foreword

This inaugural issue of New Voices seeks to support the work of early career researchers and postgraduate students in Japanese Studies and related fields. New Voices acts as a forum…

Volume 1 Introduction

When I have an event here [Japan] and I suspend a rock, the Japanese say: ah, Western influence. We never suspend rocks. Rocks belong on the ground. If I go…

Volume 12

Volume 12 Guest Editor: Dr Alexander Brown, University of Technology Sydney and Japan Women’s University Published August, 2020 ISSN 2205-3166 © The Japan Foundation, Sydney, 2020

Volume 9

Volume 9 Published June, 2017 ISSN 2205-3166 © The Japan Foundation, Sydney, 2017

Volume 4

New Voices Volume 4 Published January, 2011 ISSN 2204-194X DOI: © The Japan Foundation, Sydney, 2011

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